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  • Charge the ADC-VDB780B batteryThe Wireless Video Doorbell (ADC-VDB780B) battery can be charged using a 5V/1.5A USB wall charger and the supplied charging cable.
  • Configure a Video Analytics ruleVideo Analytics continuously scans your property and notifies you when a person, vehicle, or animal is detected. Advanced detection rules enhance perimeter security by alerting you when someone's coming or going, or even loitering on your property.
  • Flip a camera's imageThe image of a video device can be flipped in order to be compatible with a variety of mounting positions.
  • Perimeter Guard™ for video devicesStop intruders in their tracks with Perimeter Guard™ proactive defense. Perimeter Guard™ uses's advanced Video Analytics to sound an alert and flash the camera's status LED when unwanted visitors are detected.
  • Remove a video deviceMost video devices (e.g., cameras, Video Servers, SVRs, etc.) can be removed from an account using the app or website.
  • Video Installation Wizard for the appUsers can add video devices to their own accounts using the app. The Video Installation Wizard gives the power to self-install video devices using an intuitive in-app wizard.
  • Video Troubleshooting WizardThe Video Troubleshooting Wizard guides you through basic steps for bringing your video devices back online after they become disconnected.

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