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What are the differences between Camera triggered clips and Event triggered clips? cameras are able to record multiple types of clips, each with different triggers and settings. The types of recording rules possible depend on the video camera model and what other devices are associated with the system.

For more information about creating video recording rules, see Recording Video.

Clips can contain pre-trigger recording footage. For more information about enabling or disabling pre-trigger recordings, see Enable pre-trigger recordings for a video device.

Clip type comparison

Clip type Clip length Clip trigger

10-60* seconds depending on the video device and options selected.

A recording is triggered by the camera or a device wired directly to the camera.

50-60* or 20-30* seconds depending on the video device.

A recording is triggered by a device enrolled on the same account but not directly wired to the camera.

*Note: These estimates include pre-trigger recording footage. Video Analytics always includes pre-trigger recording footage. Other recording rules may include pre-trigger recording footage based on video device settings.

Camera triggered clips

Camera-triggered clips are uploaded based on Video Motion Detection or Video Analytics rules. The recorded clip length is an approximate range that is affected by clip size, individual video device configuration, and recording rule type. Clips may be shortened if multiple back-to-back clips are triggered.

  • Video Motion Detection (VMD) can be 10-60 seconds long depending on the Camera-triggered clip length setting.
  • Video Analytics clips are approximately 30 seconds long. The clip length is not affected by the Camera-triggered clip length setting.
    Note: Video Analytics clips for the ADC-VDB780B are the exception to this, and will be 20 seconds long.

For more information about adjusting the clip length, see Adjust the camera triggered clip length.

Types of camera triggered clips

Event triggered clips

Event triggered clips are triggered by system event rules like alarm or sensor activity. The system clip length is fixed at either 50-60 or 20-30 seconds depending on the camera. This is fixed to ensure that the captured video always contains video during the time of the triggering event.

During an alarm, video devices can be configured to upload clips back-to-back for up to 15 minutes. For more information about changing how long a video device uploads those clips, see Adjust how long to request clip uploads during an alarm.

Types of event triggered clips

Note: Some of the following clip types require additional hardware before appearing as an option.

  • Alarm  - a recording rule for this clip type is created for each camera by default for accounts with a security panel
  • Sensor opened/closed
  • System armed/disarmed
  • Entry delay 
  • Lock activity
  • Record Now button
  • Access Control Door Activity -  a recording rule for this clip type is created for designated cameras when an access control door records activity

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