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How much network bandwidth do video devices use?

For the latest video devices, the minimum requirement is 2 Mbps of upload speed per video device for consistent performance at reduced quality.

To test the network and determine how many video devices your internet connection can support, see Perform an Internet speed test.

When a video device uses bandwidth video devices do not consume any bandwidth unless they are uploading recorded video clips or someone is actively looking at live video or SVR recorded footage.

Even when in use, the video device cannot consume all available bandwidth because routers allocate bandwidth fairly among all the devices that are on the network (e.g., computers, tablets, etc.).

Devices/features requiring additional bandwidth include:

  • HD video streaming
  • Two-Way Audio for cameras
  • Stream Video Recorder integration
  • Doorbell cameras
    Important: The SkyBell Doorbell Camera requires at least 2 Mbps of upload speed per device. For more information about the network requirements for the SkyBell Doorbell Camera, see What are the network requirements of the SkyBell Doorbell Cameras?.

    The Video Doorbell (ADC-VDB770) and Wireless Video Doorbell (ADC-VDB780B) require at least 2.5 Mbps of upload speed per device.

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