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The ADC-VDB770 is warm to the touch and has a solid yellow LED

Quick reference

  • The ADC-VDB770 is designed to channel heat away from key components to the backplate. As a result, the backplate may reach higher temperatures than other exterior surfaces.
  • The ADC-VDB770 is rated to operate in temperatures between -22°F (-30°C) and 104°F (40°C). In regions where temperatures are expected be near or above 104°F, avoid placing in direct sunlight.
  • If the ADC-VDB770 gets too warm to operate fully, it enters a cool-down mode indicated by a solid yellow LED.

Like most powered consumer electronic devices, the ADC-VDB770 will warm when operated and normally have a higher temperature than the surrounding air (ambient) temperature. The product is designed to channel heat towards the backplate and away from the button surface and internal components to maximize the conditions under which the button’s surface remains within recommended surface contact guidelines and to maximize the device’s operating range.

If a person holds their finger on the doorbell for a prolonged period of time, it will feel warmer than the air temperature and may feel hot, particularly if the device is installed in direct sunlight.  For regular use we recommend touching the doorbell’s button surface for about 1 second to ring the doorbell. 

We recommend contacting your service provider before completing work that requires handling the backplate or handling the button surface for longer than 10 seconds, especially if the ambient temperature is greater than room temperature (72°F), or if the unit is mounted in a location where it is facing intense direct sunlight.

Cool-down mode

If your device is exposed to sunlight and the ambient temperature is near the device’s maximum operating temperature (104°F), its automatic cooling algorithms may activate so that the device is not damaged by the hot conditions. In this case, it will enter a Cool-Down mode, indicated by a solid yellow LED, where the indoor chime can normally still be triggered by pressing the button, but all other features (notifications, video recording, video streaming, and Video Analytics features such as Touchless Doorbell) are temporarily disabled.

When the environmental conditions improve and the device has cooled to a normal operating temperature, the device will automatically restore functionality. Please contact your service provider before completing any troubleshooting if your device has entered this state.

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