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Charge the ADC-VDB780B battery

The Wireless Video Doorbell (ADC-VDB780B) battery can be charged using a 5V/1.5A USB wall charger and the supplied charging cable.

To charge the ADC-VDB780B battery:

Note: A fully depleted battery takes approximately 7 hours to charge.

  1. Unlatch the bottom of the mount.

  2. Remove the VDB780B from the mount.
  3. Separate the battery pack from the VDB780B body.

    VDB780B_Remove_Battery_Pack GIF native.gif
  4. Plug the supplied micro USB cable into the battery pack.

  5. Plug the USB end of the cable into a USB wall charger and insert the charger into an outlet.
  6. The charging LED, located on the top of the battery pack, will be solid orange while the device is charging. The charging LED will turn solid green when charging has completed.

Charging state LED guide

Mode description Top LED Behavior Button LED behavior


The battery pack is plugged in and charging.

Solid orange

LED solid orange.svg

On button press

Solid green =
>75% charged

LED solid green.svg

Solid yellow =
75%-20% charged

LED solid amber.svg

Alternating red and blue = <20% charged

LED alternating red blue.svg

Fully charged

The battery pack is fully charged.

Solid green

LED solid green.svg

On button press, solid green

LED solid green.svg

Failure charging

The battery pack stopped charging because the device was plugged in too long. This may signal that there is an issue with your battery pack. Remove the charging cabled and re-attempt charging after an hour. If you see the same behavior, please contact your provider.

Alternating orange and green

LED alternating orange green.svg

Alternating red and white


Operational temperature range for charging exceeded

The battery pack's internal temperature is either too hot or too cold. Please charge the battery pack in a room-temperature environment.

Solid green or solid orange

LED solid green.svg

LED solid orange.svg

Alternating red and yellow

LED alternating red amber.svg


Alternating red and white





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