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How can a camera be reconnected to a Wi-Fi network if the router, network equipment, or wireless settings change?

When your wireless settings or networking equipment change, the Wi-Fi cameras connected to the old network will disconnect from the internet. This is because they are still programmed with the old Wi-Fi information. Once the cameras have the new Wi-Fi information, they can reconnect.

Note: If your cameras are connected to an Smart Gateway, they will stay connected even if your network changes.

Prepare for a future network change

Let your service provider know that your networking equipment or wireless settings are going to change. They can then be prepared to help you reprogram your cameras after the change if necessary. For more information about contacting your service provider, see Contact your service provider.

Depending on how comfortable you are with reprogramming your camera's wireless information, you can also attempt to reprogram the camera yourself.

How to reconnect a disconnected camera to a Wi-Fi network

The customer website and app have built-in troubleshooting wizards that you can access to get personalized reconnection steps. For more information about how to initialize the wizard, see Video Troubleshooting Wizard.

For general steps, there are three possible ways to reconnect a disconnected camera. Using WPS is the easiest method, but Access Point (AP) mode or Ethernet may also be an option if WPS does not work.

LED troubleshooting

Some troubleshooting steps vary between the connection methods. Look for the method (i.e., WPS mode, AP mode, or Ethernet) you are currently attempting to get accurate steps. If a method is not specified, it applies to all three.

LED color Function Troubleshooting

Flashing green

LED blinking green.svg

The camera is able to speak to the router but does not have a full internet connection.
  1. If the LED is flashing green for more than 2 minutes, power the camera down for a few seconds then apply power.
  2. Allow the camera to boot up. If the LED is still flashing green after a few minutes, remove power from the router for at least one minute, and restore power.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the internet connection to be re-established.

Solid red

LED solid red.svg

The camera is unable to connect to a wireless network.

AP mode or Ethernet:

  1. Double-check the Wi-Fi password and verify that you are entering the correct one.
  2. Retry the same connection method.
  3. If another attempt is unsuccessful, try a different method of reconnecting the camera.

WPS mode:

  1. verify that WPS is enabled in the router. The router manual should have information about WPS.
  2. Retry the same connection method.
  3. If another attempt is unsuccessful, try a different method of reconnecting the camera.

Note: If the router is verified to have WPS enabled, it may indicate that the camera is too far away for WPS to take effect.

Alternating red and green

LED alternating red green.svg


  • The password entered may be incorrect

WPS or AP mode:

  • The video device is resetting (AP or WPS methods)


WPS or AP mode:

  • If the flashing starts after holding the WPS/Reset button on the video device, the video device is resetting. Contact your service provider for assistance.

Need more help?

If you have tried multiple reconnection methods and the camera is still not reconnecting, contact your service provider for further assistance. For more information about contacting your service provider, see Contact your service provider.

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