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  • Arm the system remotelyArming the system sets the security sensors to an alarm state. The Armed Away status sets both contact sensors and motion sensor into an alarm state, while Armed Stay status only sets contact sensors to an alarm state.
  • Cancel or Verify Alarms using the appCancel/Verify Alarms gives the opportunity for you to respond to alarm events directly and to communicate to a monitoring station when the cause might be accidental or a real emergency.
  • Change a partition nameSystems with multiple partitions can be more easily managed with customized partition names.
  • Change the monitoring station location phone numberIn the case of an emergency where you are unable to disarm the system, the monitoring station may call to verify the alarm. This typically involves contacting you at the location where the system is located.
  • Change the monitoring station verbal passcodeWhen the monitoring station calls, you will be asked to provide their verbal passcode to verify their identity, confirm if the alarm is valid, and cancel it if it is a false alarm.
  • Export panel slot number for a systemThe panel slot numbers report is a downloadable .csv file that shows all users associated with the system. This is useful for keeping personal records of users in a system.
  • Manage central station monitoring settingsA Monitoring Station, also known as an Alarm Monitoring Center, Central Station, or Central Monitoring Station, takes the signals forwarded from and dispatches to the proper authorities.
  • Set up the app using setup wizardsThere are two setup wizards that can appear upon first logging into the app to assist you with getting the most out of your system right from the start.
  • Trigger a panic using the appThe In-App Panel Panic monitoring station supported feature can expedite the dispatch of emergency personnel when help is needed at home. When the panel is not in arm’s reach, and the keyfob is out of range, you can open up the app and have all the panel’s panic buttons available.

How-to troubleshooting guides

  • Smoke Sensor Not ResetThe Smoke Sensor Not Reset trouble condition indicates a system smoke sensor was activated, but the condition has not yet cleared from the servers.


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