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Clear a duress, panic, or smoke alarm

A duress, panic, or smoke alarm message can only be cleared using the customer website. It cannot be cleared using the app.

The message will eventually disappear on its own after a few days. For duress alarms, the Alert message will also clear when the system is disarmed by a user code that is not the duress code. If the alarm is not clearing, contact your service provider.

Important: If an alarm is still active locally, you must acknowledge the alarm at the panel before the trouble can clear on the customer website and app. 

To clear a duress or smoke alarm alert:  

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. In the Welcome card, click Details for Panel Duress, Panic, or Smoke Sensor Must Be Reset.

    System in duress.PNG
    • You can also click View in the System in Alarm banner to navigate to the Alerts & Issues page. 
    • If you do not see the Welcome card, you may have it hidden. For more information about locating and arranging the Welcome card, see Rearrange Home page of website or app
  3. In Alerts & Issues: 
    • For a duress alert, click Stop Alarm and confirm to stop the alarm.
    • For a smoke sensor reset alert, click Remove Alert
  4. Once it's confirmed to stop or remove the alert, it acknowledges the alarm and clears the alert message from the customer website and app.

    Clear a duress or smoke.png

For more information about this feature, contact your service provider. 

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