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How do I make sure my account is secure?

Create unique user codes for each individual who needs access to the security system

If other people are going to have access to your property and will need to disarm the security system, give them each their own user code. This will ensure you always know who disarmed your system.

For more information, see: Create a system user code.

Create specific logins for each person who accesses the website and mobile applications

If other people are going to have regular access to your account, it is recommended to give them each their own secondary login. This will ensure you always know who logged in.  Additionally, you can limit their access to specific devices within your system. 

For more information, see:


Regularly updating user passwords for app and customer website users helps keep your account more secure. When creating new passwords, remember:

  • The new password cannot be the same as the previous password.
  • The new password must be at least 10 characters, including at least one letter, one number, and one special character.
  • It is recommended to only use passwords that are indicated as Strong by the password strength indicator.
  • It is recommended to make your password for your online account different from other passwords you use.

For more information, see Change or reset a password.

Two-factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to protect access to your system. This makes it harder for unauthorized persons or potential intruders to gain access to your system, so your system and your property can be even more secure. Whenever you sign into your system from a new or untrusted device, you'll have to enter both your password and a one-time code sent to your mobile phone or email.

For more information, see Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

Push Notifications

Use push notifications for instant, reliable notifications about your account and system. To receive Push Notifications for an account, enable the feature for each mobile device that will receive push notifications. 

For more information, see How can a device start receiving Push Notifications.

Successful and Unsuccessful Login Attempt notifications 

You can use the System Event Notification to set up notifications for login attempts as well as other events so you are always aware of what is happening with your system.

For more information, see Create a system event notification.

User Code created or updated notifications 

We automatically send System Awareness notifications to the primary email of a user's account when certain actions occur. These default notifications cannot be configured or disabled and are always sent whenever certain actions occur on a user's account.

For more information, see Default System Awareness Notifications.

Unexpected Activity Alerts (Events) 

Our platform works in the background to analyze system data and learn the normal activity patterns of a property. The system can then send notifications whenever unusual activity occurs in a home or business. Unexpected Activity notifications are intended to provide information only.

For more information, see Configure Unexpected Activity Alert notifications.

Sensor and Arming Activity Notifications 

You can customize which system activity events trigger notifications to be sent to you through the app and customer website.

For more information see:

Review system activity regularly

The system activity history shows system, customer website, and user activity that has occurred within the past 60 days. The system activity history is useful for accessing the information you need, storing key records, and gaining new insights for your system. 

For more information, see View the system activity history.

Set up Touch ID or Face ID

This will require an additional step of verification before someone can access your account on your mobile device.

For more information, see:

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