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Enable Smart Arming

For residential customers, the Smart Arming feature automatically arms the customer's system Arm Stay when they go to bed and Disarm it when they wake up. Smart Arming can be activated at a set time or when sensors detect activity. Smart Arming ensures that the system is secure every night while preventing false alarms. 

Use-Case Example: A family with a regular nighttime routine schedules Smart Arming to arm the panel at 10:00 PM each night. Because they have small children who may wake early and let the dog out, they auto-disarm when activity is detected between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM.

System considerations

  • Not all panels are compatible with Smart Arming. Contact your service provider for more information about if your panel is compatible. 
  • Smart Arming will not activate if a system is in Arm Away
  • Smart Arming is only available for security systems with one partition
  • Sensor-based Arm Stay uses contact and motion sensors to detect activity; users select which sensors to include
  • Sensor-based Disarm uses motion sensors only so someone breaking in can not disarm the panel; users select which sensors to include

Note: Motion sensors with PIR cameras cannot be selected with Sensor-based Arm Stay or Sensor-based Disarm.

Enable Smart Arming

Smart Arming can be configured using the app or customer website.

Important: To manage the Smart Arming rule, the customer login must have Master Control, Full Control, or Custom with Remote Arming selected. For more information about customer permissions, see Manage login permissions for secondary logins

  1. Log into the app. 
  2. Tap Security System

    Smart Arming on app.png
  3. Tap Smart Arming

    Smart Arming on app_configure.png
    • Tap Wake Up to enable the disarm feature. 

      Smart Arming on app_wakeup sensors.PNG Smart Arming on app_wakeup.png
    • Tap Goodnight to enable the arm stay feature. 

      Smart Arming on app_Goodnight sensors.PNG Smart Arming on app_goodnight.png
  1. Log into the customer website. 
  2. On the Security System card, click the Smart Arming icon. 
  3. Click Smart Arming

Note: Smart Arming can also be accessed from the Automation page. 

Smart Arming on web.png
Smart Arming on web_goodnight.pngSmart Arming on web_wakeup.png

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