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Trigger a panic using the app

The In-App Panel Panic and In-App Property Panic monitoring station supported features can expedite the dispatch of emergency personnel when help is needed at your account's location. If enabled on your account, In-App Panics are available on the home dashboard of the app. 

This feature is different depending on if your account has a security panel. For more information about opting-in to the In-App Panic feature, contact your service provider.

Additional considerations: 

  • Some panels send an audible alarm when Police, Fire, or Auxilary panics are sent. 
  • If your account has Two-Way Voice enabled, Two-Way Voice is initiated through the panel when a Police Panic is sent. 
To trigger a panel panic:
  1. Log into the app.
  2. In the Security System card, tap Panic.
  3. Press and hold the type of panic to be triggered.

    In-app Panel panic - sending_a_Silent_Police_Panic.jpg
  4. After a 3 second countdown in which the panic can be canceled or immediately sent, the panic is sent to the monitoring station and an audible alarm occurs at the panel, if applicable. 

    In-app Panel panic - Silent_Police_Panic_sent.jpg
  5. Tap Close to wait for assistance or Disarm to disarm the panel. 
    • Tapping Disarm will negate the panic signal that was triggered.
To trigger a property panic:
  1. Log into the app.
  2. In the Panic card, tap and hold the type of panic to be triggered.

    In-App property Panic card - Holding Police.png
  3. A 3 second countdown screen appear. Tap Cancel to cancel the panic, or Send Now to immediately send the panic. 

    In-App property Panic - Countdown screen .png
  4. After the 3 second countdown, tap Close to wait for assistance.

    In-App property Panic - Close screen .png

Frequently asked questions

Will assistance be sent to my account location or my current geographic location?

Sending a panic with the In-App Panic interface will act as if a panic is being sent from the account location. Emergency personnel will not arrive at your geographic location. They will only go to the address listed on your monitoring station account. It is encouraged to keep that information up-to-date.

How can In-App Panics be activated on my account?

Contact your service provider for more information about how to activate the In-App Panics for your account.

Who can use the feature once it is activated?

When In-App Panics has been activated, only those with Master level or Full Control login permissions on your account will be able to interact with it. Any permission level less than Master or Full Control cannot view or use the feature.

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