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Device is in malfunction

The Malfunction trouble condition indicates a device is unable to properly communicate. 

Note: The device status may also appear as offline

If a device is in malfunction:  

  1. Verify which device is in malfunction.
    • It is possible that the device in malfunction may be a Geo-Device. This is usually indicated by the name of the device that is in malfunction matching the name of a device that is serving as a Geo-Device. If the device appears to be a Geo-Device (e.g., smartphone), see Geo-Service device is in malfunction
  2. Verify that the device is still active and powered on.
  3. Power cycle the device, if possible. If applicable, power off the device for a couple of minutes, and then power the device back on. 
  4. Verify there is nothing that could be interfering with communication, such as range or interfering devices. If possible, move the device closer to the main system. 
  5. Trigger the device, if possible (e.g., open and close a sensor). Verify if the status is able to update. 
  6. If the device is still in malfunction, contact your service provider for further assistance.

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