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How many sensors can be displayed in the app?

The app can display all sensors that have Sensor Activity Monitoring enabled (e.g., door/window sensors, motion sensors, etc.). For more information about verifying if the sensor has Sensor Activity Monitoring available, see Turn sensor activity monitoring on/off

Note: Sensors are listed in alphabetical order on the app. On the customer website, sensors are listed in order of their device ID. 

Sensors like smoke detectors, fire detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors put a panel into alarm regardless of the panel's current arming state (e.g., alarm sends even if disarmed). These types of sensors are ineligible for Sensor Activity Monitoring and do not appear in the app unless the sensor is in alarm or has a trouble condition. If these types of sensors are in alarm or report a trouble condition, the sensor alarm or alert appears in the app. 

For more information about eligibility for Sensor Activity Monitoring, see Why are some sensors, such as smoke detectors, not eligible for Sensor Activity Monitoring?.

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