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Sensor is showing incorrect status on the website or app

If a panel is reporting the correct sensor status but the app and customer website are not, try the following steps. 

Verify sensor status 

Trip the sensor, and verify the status is reporting properly at the panel.

Note: Allow a few minutes for the status to display on 

Refresh the equipment list page 

  • To refresh the app, swipe down on the screen. A refreshing icon will become visible and will spin before refreshing the app.
  • To refresh the customer website, click icn-refresh.svg on any page on the customer website.

Disable/enable Sensor Activity Monitoring

If the preceding steps have not corrected the status, refresh Sensor Activity Monitoring.

To refresh Sensor Activity Monitoring:
  1. Disable Sensor Activity Monitoring on the sensor. For instructions on enabling or disabling Sensor Activity Monitoring, see Turn sensor activity monitoring on/off
  2. It may take a few minutes for Sensor Activity Monitoring to disable. Refresh the Equipment List page to verify that Sensor Activity Monitoring is disabled.
  3. Once disabled, re-enable Sensor Activity Monitoring again.
  4. After a few minutes, refresh the equipment list page to verify that Sensor Activity monitoring is re-enabled.
  5. Once enabled, verify the sensor is reporting the correct status.
  6. Trip the sensor again to test that it is properly reporting its status. 

Contact your service provider

For additional troubleshooting steps or information about sensor statuses, contact your service provider. 

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