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How can multiple account systems be linked?

Note: Users with Limited Device Access permission cannot be the originating login, but they can link to other logins that have a different permission type.

It is possible to link multiple customer accounts under a single login for convenient switching between accounts without having to log out of one account and logging into another.

Note: There is no limit for the number of accounts that can be linked.

Link multiple account logins under a single login name

Accounts can be linked to a login name using the following steps.

Important: The initial account creation and configuration must be completed before an account can be linked. This includes changing the new account's temporary password that is assigned during account creation. 

Toggle between linked accounts

Once the accounts are linked for a login, the system's name in the menu becomes a dropdown on the app and customer website. This allows the user to toggle back and forth between any accounts linked to the login. For more information about toggling between accounts, see How do I switch between my accounts?

Note: Granting Linked Systems only works for the login that went through the process. It does not automatically grant access to all logins associated with the accounts, so each login name that wants to have access to switch between multiple systems needs to perform the process to link multiple account logins to their login name. 

Update the default system

The default system will display when the user accesses their account. The system that shows by default can be updated using the app or customer website.

Note: If the login has linked accounts using multiple dealers, emails about the system (i.e., password reset emails) will be sent using the branding associated with the dealer that manages the default system.

Unlink an account under a single login name

Individual accounts can be unlinked from one another using the app or customer website. Additionally, if an account is terminated, any additional accounts that were linked to that login will remain linked to that login.

Example: If the customer has two additional accounts that are only linked to their main account's login and their main account is terminated, the two additional accounts will still be accessible through the existing login.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I am unable to link my secondary login?

If you are unable to log in with a secondary login, verify the correct login name and password is being entered. To request your login name or request a password reset link, see Login Help.

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