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Alarm Mode

Alarm Mode presents users with a streamlined, full-picture view of what is happening at their home or business during an alarm. With Alarm Mode, you can quickly assess the situation and take action by viewing video clip thumbnails, accessing live camera feeds, and reviewing recent system activity all in one place.

Additionally, property owners with Cancel/Verify can dismiss false alarms or confirm true alarms for expedited emergency response with the press of a button. For more information about Cancel/Verify, see Cancel or Verify Alarms using the app.


  • app version 5.4.1+
  • An account with security


  • Provides you with digestible, actionable information when a potential emergency is taking place at your home or business
  • Empowers you with the insights needed to swiftly assess an alarm situation in real-time, determine the validity of the alarm, and take action fast
  • Stay calm during alarm events with an easy-to-use interface that can help reduce costly false alarm dispatches
  • View recently captured video clip thumbnails and easily access live video feeds from cameras throughout the property to see what's happening in real-time
  • Quickly review recent system events like sensor and lock activity, detected persons, and more
  • For accounts with integrated monitoring services, view your verbal passcode or cancel a false alarm directly within the interface

To view Alarm Mode:

  1. Log into the app.
  2. Tap Alarm Mode.
    Note: The Alarm Mode card will only display when an alarm event occurs.
  3. View the video thumbnail and recent alarm events.
  4. Cancel, verify, or disarm to clear the alarm.
    • For customers that have Cancel/Verify on their service package, the alarm can be canceled or verified within 2 minutes.
      • Tap Cancel Alarm to cancel the alarm and send a disarm signal to the panel.
      • Tap Verify Alarm to verify the alarm and send a signal to the monitoring station while the system remains in the alarm state.
      • The system will go into alarm after 2 minutes. Tap Disarm to Clear to clear the alarm. 
    • For customers that do not have Cancel/Verify on their service package, the system alarm can be cleared by tapping Disarm to Clear.
      Note: The Disarm to Clear option displays immediately for users that do not have Cancel/Verify on their service package or monitoring station services.
  5. After an alarm is resolved and the system is disarmed, the Alarm Mode card disappears and returns to the typical dashboard experience.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Alarm Mode is available for multiple partition security systems. Alarm Mode displays which partition(s) is in an alarm state and enables you to disarm all partition(s) to resolve the alarm(s).

Yes. The Alarm Mode assessment card is viewable from the individual business location's system rather than at the Enterprise Group level for commerical accounts.

No. Alarm Mode is not available for duress alarms, Silent Police Panel Panics, In-App Property Panics, or mPers/Dash events.

The video clip thumbnail section shows any videos saved 5 minutes prior to the start of the alarm. New clips appear as they are captured during the alarm event and no refresh is required.

  • Users can scroll through video clip thumbnails when there are more than two clips.
  • Detection clips (i.e., people, vehicles, and animals) display the full-camera view and are shown first in the video clip thumbnail section. All other clips are ordered from newest to oldest.
  • The Recent Events section displays activity that occurred 5 minutes before the alarm. New events appear automatically as they occur. By default, a maximum of five events are displayed in the section, however, you can go to the tap Activity in the Alarm Mode card to view all event history.

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