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  • Best practices when changing phonesWhen switching to a different phone for any reason, there are a few things to be aware of to ensure minimal disruption of your service. The following are suggestions for information and features that should be verified when the swapping to a different phone.
  • Change a phone numberThe primary phone number associated with the property location can be changed on the website.
  • Contact your service providerIf you are unable to find an answer to your question in the Knowledge Base, you can contact your service provider for further assistance.
  • Create a new loginIndividual logins for each website and app user can be created from the website.
  • Delete a loginDeleting unused website and app logins helps keep the system secure.
  • Log all devices out of the website and appUsers who have lost their phone, or need to disable a login, can log out all devices so others can no longer access the app, including those who use the Keep me logged in feature without re-entering the password.

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