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Best practices when changing phones

When switching to a different phone for any reason, there are a few things to be aware of to ensure minimal disruption of your service. The following are suggestions for information and features that should be verified when swapping to a different phone. 

Primary phone contact

When swapping to a different phone that was associated with the primary login, the primary phone contact on the account should be updated if the number is different. This ensures that the primary contact is up to date in case the primary contact needs to be reached for any reason.

For more information about how to update the primary phone contact, see Change a phone number.

Rules and notifications 

The rules and notifications on the account should be updated to reflect any phone swaps that are performed. The new phone should be added to the contact recipients for any desired rules and notifications, and the old phone should be removed from any rules or notifications. This ensures minimal disruption in system usage and notifications. 

For more information about how to configure notification recipients, see the following articles: Places 

When swapping to a different phone, update the list of Geo-Devices that are attached to the account. In this case, delete the old phone from the Geo-Devices list on the account and add the new phone to the list.

For more information about how to configure Places, see Configure Places.

For more information about how to delete a Geo-Device, see Troubleshooting Places.

Two Factor Authentication  

When changing phones, the contact information associated with Two Factor Authentication needs to be updated if the feature is enabled for the user's account. To update the contact information that the Two Factor Authentication feature is associated with, disable and then re-enable the feature. 

For more information about how to enable and disable Two Factor Authentication, see What is Two Factor Authentication?.

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