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What features are available through the Apple Watch?

Several features are available through the app for Apple Watch.

Important: You must have watchOS version 5.0+ and be logged into the app on your mobile device in order to use the app on your Apple Watch. 

The app for Apple Watch includes features such as:

  • Arm or Disarm the system
  • Send Scene commands
  • Control locks
  • Control garage doors
  • Control thermostats
  • Control lights
  • Glance view provides a quick overview of the system's status, and Actionable Notifications allow the user to respond to certain notifications directly from the Apple Watch.
    Important: The device associated with the Apple Watch (i.e., iPhone or iPad) must be locked for notifications to display on the Apple Watch.
  • View live video from '20 and '21 series cameras and the 2GIG HD100.

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