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Unable to log into the Customer Website or app

If you are unable to log into the customer website or app, verify the login name being used and reset the password.

To verify the login name:

  1. Go to the customer website login page at
  2. Click Login Help.
  3. In Forgot your username?, enter the email address associated with the account. 
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Check the email inbox (or other folders) for an email from containing the username associated with that email address.

To reset the password:

  1. Go to the customer website login page at
  2. Click Login Help
  3. In Forgot your password?, enter the username for the account.
  4. Click Submit. A password reset link is emailed to the email address associated with the login. 

Password reset or username request email cannot be found

Note: If the email address associated with the account is unknown or no longer accessible, contact your service provider for additional assistance.

  • Verify the username or email address has been entered correctly in the Forgot your password? or Forgot your username? section.
  • View all other folders (e.g., spam, receipts, junk, etc.) to verify the email was not marked as spam/junk.
  • Run a search in your inbox for emails with the subject line Your Password Request.
  • Run a search in the spam/junk folder separately as these results do not populate during inbox searches.
  • Verify the email was not placed into another folder using filters/rules.
  • Use a different method to access the email.  Certain apps run their Inbox differently so filters cannot be checked, and emails may be more difficult to locate. For best results, move to a desktop version of the email service.
  • Verify the blocked sender list does not include the domain or the domain of your service provider.
  • Verify the inbox is not full, and other emails can be received.
  • If the email account is a private email address (i.e., not public like Gmail or Yahoo), verify there is no firewall or email filtering.

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