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Connected Car is in malfunction

The Malfunction trouble condition indicates the Connected Car device has been unable to communicate for over 24 hours.

Note: The Connected Car status may also appear as offline

If a Connected Car device is in malfunction:

  1. Verify that the Connected Car device is plugged into the car's OBD-II port.
  2. Verify that the Connected Car is located in an area with cellular coverage.
  3. Verify that the orange LED on the device is a solid light. If the orange LED is flashing, the device is not connected to the cellular network. 

Note: The device will go into hibernate after extended time (about 7 days) of not driving. Once in hibernate, it will no longer wake up to send any communications. 24 hours after it enters hibernate, the device will go offline. To resolve this, start the car to resume communication. 



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