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Shade control device is in malfunction

The Malfunction trouble condition indicates the shade control device is unable to properly communicate. 

Note: The shade control device status may also appear as offline

If a device is in malfunction:

Note for rechargeable batteries: Battery-powered shades may have rechargeable batteries with a wall-powered charger. These devices can be re-charged by placing the batteries into a plugged wall charger.  For battery wand devices, see the following instructions.  

A red LED on a charger usually indicates that the battery is charging and a green LED usually indicates that the battery is fully charged.

  1. Check the connection of the battery wand to the motor.
  2. Check that the batteries inside the battery wand are making contact with the spring. If they are not, it might be necessary to stretch the spring to assure they are able to make contact.
  3. Check that the end caps of the battery tube are tight and secure.
  4. Change the batteries and test the motor.
  5. If the shade has a remote, change the battery in the remote.

Verify the shade is close enough to an AC-powered Z-Wave device or the Z-Wave controller. 

For additional Z-Wave troubleshooting information, see Z-Wave Troubleshooting Wizard.

  1. Press and hold my for 8 seconds. The light should blink the entire time. If not, replace the CR2430 battery. If the light still does not blink, proceed with the following steps.
  2. Verify the TaHoma hub is connected to the internet.
  3. Unplug the motor and plug it back in, then test the motor.
  4. Check power at the quick connect outlet or power source. Verify the device is receiving power.
  5. Plug the motor into a different outlet. 
  6. The motor may be in thermal shutdown. Wait at least 15 minutes for it to cool down and restore operation.


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