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Create a system event notification

A system event notification notifies users of important security and property management concerns, such as low battery or malfunctions.

For information about associating a cellphone number with a user, see Add a mobile phone number to receive SMS notifications.

For information about adding new push devices to receive notifications, see How can a device start receiving Push Notifications?

Types of system events

The following are the types of system events that may be included in the notification. 

Note: Depending on what is associated with your system, some events may not appear. For more information, contact your service provider. 

Urgent events
  • System is unable to arm
  • My panel is not communicating
  • My property loses power
  • A sensor was bypassed
  • A device is in malfunction
  • Someone tries to tamper with a device
Important events 
  • A garage or door lock cannot be secured
  • A device is temporarily disabled
  • A device has a low battery
  • A device is not responding
  • The image sensor upload limit has been reached 
  • Video upload limit reaches 50%, 80%, and 100%
    Note: For more information about video upload limits and notifications, see What happens when an account's video clip online storage limit is reached?.
Other events 
  • A locked keypad is disabled after multiple invalid code entries
  • Power is restored to my property
  • A new device or sensor is added to the system
  • Someone successfully logs into the system
  • Someone unsuccessfully tried to log into the system

Create a system event notification

System event notifications can be created using the app or customer website.

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