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Dual-Access Mode

Dual-Access Mode enables customers to require consecutive swipes from two unique credentials to gain access. Any two employees with unique credentials can consecutively swipe the reader to gain access and customers can limit access to specific employees.

Note: There is a 15-second limit between consecutive swipes before timeout.


  • The Smarter Access Control Plus service package
  • A compatible reader and multiple credentials. For more information, see the table below.
  PIN only reader Card only reader Card or PIN reader Card + PIN reader
Valid for use with Dual-Access Mode? No Yes Yes. It requires a card or PIN from both users (one credential needed per user) Yes. It requires a card and PIN from both users
Can one user with multiple non-PIN credentials gain access? N/A Yes Yes Yes
Can a user with a PIN and a non-PIN credential gain access? N/A No No No

Configure Dual-Access Mode

Dual Access Mode can be configured using the app or customer website.

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