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Create/edit Enterprise Notifications

Enterprise notifications allow recipients to receive notifications for all locations in an Enterprise group and can be managed using the customer website. 

To create/edit Enterprise notifications 

  1. Login to the customer website with an Enterprise group login.
  2. Verify the Enterprise name is selected, and not a location name. When the Enterprise group is selected, a Locations option shows in the menu instead of Home
    • If a location is selected, use the dropdown menu to select the Enterprise group. Enterprise groups have Group property next to the Enterprise name, whereas locations will have icn-enterprise-open.svg for commercial accounts or Single property for residential accounts next to the location name.
    • If the option to select an Enterprise group is not showing, verify the login has access to the Enterprise group.
  3. Click Notifications.
  4. Click New Notification, then click to select the type of notification to create (e.g., Alarm, Arming Event, System Event, etc.).
    • To edit an existing notification, click Edit next to the desired notification.

      Add Notification.PNG
    • The below notifications are highly recommended because of the potential savings, risk-reduction, and invaluable awareness they provide. There is no limit to the number of notifications you can set up or the number of recipients per notification. If you want to stop receiving a notification for any reason, you can simply click on the button to toggle it off or toggle it back on again as needed.

  5. Enter a name for the notification.
  6. Configure the notification.
    • In Locations to include in the notification, select All Locations to have the notification apply to all locations or Only the following locations to select the desired locations.

      Notifications Specific Locations.PNG
      Note: Selecting locations to include in a notification is only available with Business Activity Analytics notifications (i.e., Occupancy + People Counting Notification, Crowd Gathering Notification, and Queue Notification) or with specific reports (i.e., Location SummarySensor Activity, SBTM Temperature History, Arming Disarming, Access History, Alarms Issues, Location Open/Close, and Video Health Report). For more information, contact your your service provider.

  7. In Recipients, click Add to select notification recipients in the Address Book or click New to add a new Address Book entry.
  8. Click Save.

Note: For notifications that include all locations, recipients will receive notifications from all locations in the group. If a recipient only wants notifications from one location in the group, the notification needs to be created at the single system level. For more information about how to create a notification for a single system or location, see Configure notification recipients.

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