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Santa Security

Help catch Santa visiting your home this year with's Santa Security feature. For a limited time, you can take snapshots using compatible cameras, insert an image of Santa, and send the evidence to friends and family. Spread holiday cheer with this fun feature!

Between December 4–31, 2023 you will be able to:

  • Select a Live Video feed and tap the Santa icon to take a snapshot
  • Add a Santa, resizing or moving him as needed
  • Select from day (full color) or night version Santa options
  • Share the image with friends and family

Note: The first time you tap on a Live Video feed, a pop-up window will explain how to catch Santa on camera.

What is required to use Santa Security

To use the Santa Security feature, your account must have the following: app version

iOS 4.17 + or Android 4.15.1 +

Compatible cameras
  • ADC-V515
  • ADC-V520
  • ADC-V521IR
  • ADC-V522IR
  • ADC-V523/523X
  • ADC-V622/ADC-V622-WELL
  • ADC-VC726
  • ADC-VC736
  • ADC-VC826
  • ADC-VC836
  • ADC-V722W
  • ADC-V723/723X
  • ADC-V724/724X
  • ADC-VC827P
  • ADC-VC838PF
  • ADC-VC847PF
  • ADC-VC727P
  • ADC-VC728PF


How to use Santa Security

Santa Security interface example video

To catch Santa using the app:
  1. Log into the app.
  2. Tap Video.
  3. Select the Live Video feed of a compatible camera, and then tap the Santa icon to take a snapshot.

    Note: A pop-up window will explain how to catch Santa on camera the first time you tap on a live video feed. 
  4. Select a Santa to add, and then resize and/or move him as needed. Santa options include day (full color) and night (black/white) versions.

    santa security 2022.png
  5. Share or download the image:
    • Tap Upload to share the image using text, e-mail, or any other native sharing app on the mobile device (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Slack, etc.).
    • Tap Download to download the image.


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