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Edit a Thermostat Schedule

Thermostat Schedules are used to automatically control the temperature in your home or business to help save on energy costs while you are away and keep you comfortable while you are home or asleep. Thermostat Schedules can be edited using the app and customer website.

Edit a thermostat schedule

Considerations when editing the thermostat schedule

If you want the temperature to change according to the schedule intervals when there is a manual change, do not set the adjacent intervals to the same temperature as shown in the following image for the Weekday schedule. 

Note: If using Celsius, temperatures can be set in 0.5 degree increments. Verify adjacent intervals are at least one degree different if the user wants the temperature to change according to that scheduled interval. 

Thermostat schedule example.PNG

If the target temperature on the schedule is the same on two or more adjacent intervals, it reads those adjacent intervals as one large schedule interval. For example in the preceding image:

  • On a weekday, if the thermostat is manually changed to 74 degrees at 8:00 AM, the target temperature stays at 74 degrees until 10:00 PM since that is the next scheduled interval that has a different temperature. The thermostat does not resume the schedule at 10:00 AM to change the target temperature to 70 degrees since the Weekday target temperature is identical with the preceding adjacent interval (i.e., both intervals are set for Open at 70 degrees).
  • Versus on the weekend, if the thermostat is manually changed to 74 degrees at 8:00 AM, the target temperature changes according to the schedule at 10:00 AM since the Weekend adjacent intervals are set to different target temperatures.

If you want each interval to trigger the schedule when manual changes occur, verify that adjacent intervals are set to different target temperatures. 

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