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Create/edit an Places thermostat override rule Places Thermostat Override rules work with your Thermostat Schedule to automatically control the temperature in your home or business based on your phone’s location to help save on energy costs. Your thermostat schedule resumes as soon as the system is disarmed or when your mobile devices enter the Geo-Fence. Thermostat Override rules can be set up on the customer website.

To create/edit an Places thermostat override rule:

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Places.
  4. In Set up Rules & Reminders, click Smart Away Thermostat Override
  5. Click the thermostat override toggle switch to enable the rule. The following image is an example of the thermostat override rule successfully enabled: 

    Smart Away Toggle Switch.PNG
  6. Click to select All of the selected Geo-Devices.
  7. Using the Geo-Devices dropdown menu, select which Geo-Devices will trigger the thermostat override.
    Important: If multiple Geo-Devices are selected, it will require the last of these devices to enter or exit the Geo-Fence before the rule is triggered.
  8. Using the Geo-Fence dropdown menu, select which Geo-Fence to apply to the thermostat override rule. 
  9. Click Save Schedule.

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