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Create a First Card Unlock rule

The First Card Unlock rule allows you to configure a door to switch to an unlocked state indefinitely when a user presents valid credentials during the time frame of your choosing. Often, users will configure this rule to only work during their expected business open times so that if an employee does not make it in, the business will remain locked and secure. 

This rule can also be configured so that if the door is unlocked or locked remotely, the rule is then deactivated and will not occur.

To create a First Card Unlock rule:

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Automation.
  3. In Rules, click Add New Rule.
  4. In Name of rule, enter the desired name for the rule.
  5. In Automate My, select Doors.
  6. In When this event occurs, select Somebody Accesses a Door.
  7. Using the dropdown menu, select the User Group that will be eligible to trigger this rule.
    Note: For information about how to designate a user as an employee or manager, see Can Access Control automation rules be configured to only work with specific users?.
  8. In Select Devices, select the desired access points. 
  9. In During these time frames, select the desired access time frame. 
  10. Click Save

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