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Export video using the ADC-CSVR126 local interface

The Commercial-Grade Stream Video Recorder allows the user to export video clips to a third-party storage device (e.g., a flash/thumb drive, external hard drive, etc.) using its local interface. For more information about using the ADC-CSVR126's local interface, see Play back video locally using an ADC-CSVR126

To export video using the ADC-CSVR126's local interface:

  1. Insert the third-party storage device into a USB port on the device.
  2. Log into the local interface (if password protected).
  3. Click Menu.
  4. Click Playback.
  5. In Camera, click to highlight the desired video device to export footage from.
  6. Click scissors icon.png.
  7. To select the timeframe to export, do either of the following:
    • Click Date to select a range from the calendar.
    • Drag the brackets to adjust the clip's start and end time.

  8. Click floppy disk icon.PNG.
  9. Using the Device Name dropdown menu, select the desired storage device.
  10. Select the folder to export to.

    Select folder.png
  11. Choose the file format.

    Select format.png
  12. In Video For…, click to select MP4 or AVI.
  13. Click Export.
  14. Do not remove the third-party storage device until all footage has been exported. Check the progress by clicking Download.

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