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Is continuous recording possible using an camera?

Yes, if the camera is compatible with either a Stream Video Recorder (SVR) or Onboard Recording. An SVR and/or a micro SD card for Onboard Recording is required to give the video devices somewhere to store the footage.

For additional information about all of the ways a camera can record video, see Recording video or contact your service provider.


A Stream Video Recorder (SVR) can record video from video devices 24/7. For more information, see How does the Stream Video Recorder (SVR) work?.

Onboard Recording 

Some cameras support SD cards and can be configured to record to them 24/7. For more information about Onboard Recording, see Create an Onboard Recording Schedule.

Alternatives to continuous recording 

For more information about creating recording rules, see Configure a Video Analytics rule or How should I configure Video Motion Detection (VMD) settings for a video device?.

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