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User Access Summary Email

You can receive User Access Summary emails that summarize login and user code access at-a-glance, every 3 months. Regular review and management of system access is a security best practice that protects customers from intrusion and gives them increased peace of mind.

Note: Accounts with a residential property type and commercial service package that are not part of an Enterprise group will have this report by default. In these cases, the report can be paused but it cannot be edited or deleted. 


  • Email reminders to regularly review and limit users with login, smart lock, and panel access
  • Includes the total number of users with login and user code access to their system with links to their account settings for more details
  • Emails are sent to the Primary Login's email address
  • By default, email frequency will occur every 90 days
  • Customers can opt-out by clicking Manage Reports in the footer of the email

Use cases

  • Revoke access when a roommate moves out, as well as when access is no longer needed for a dog walker, service technician, childcare worker, and more.
  • Reminder to limit access for your weekly cleaning person from Monday through Friday to Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

Example User Access Summary emails

The following are examples of User Access Summary emails you may receive. 

Note: Accounts that are a part of an Enterprise group are excluded from receiving the Logins and User Codes section of the email.


User Codes  





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