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Can single system user codes be replaced with Enterprise user codes?

Yes. Single system user codes can be replaced with an Enterprise user code. To replace a single system user with an Enterprise equivalent, use the customer website.

Note: Single system master user codes cannot be replaced with an Enterprise user code.

To replace a single system user code with an Enterprise user code:

  1. Log into the customer website using an Enterprise group login.
  2. Verify the Enterprise name is selected, and not a location name. When the Enterprise group is selected, a Locations option shows in the menu instead of Home.
    • If a location is selected, use the dropdown menu to select the Enterprise group. Enterprise groups have Group property next to the Enterprise name, whereas locations will have icn-enterprise-open.svg for commercial accounts or Single property for residential accounts next to the location name.
    • If the option to select an Enterprise group is not showing, verify the login has access to the Enterprise group.
  3. Click Users.
  4. Click Add New User.
  5. In Access Code, enter the same pin code for the new Enterprise user as the code being used by the single system user you want to replace.
  6. Click Continue to replace the single system user code with the Enterprise level user code.

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