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What is the difference between Smart Arming and Arming Schedules?

Smart Arming is designed to meet the needs of residential customers, versus Arming Schedules is designed with more options for customization to meet business use cases. 

Arming schedules

Arming Schedules provides users with the ability to auto-arm (Stay or Away) and Disarm activated by the set time of day and day of the week. This option is ideal for businesses where there are set hours of operation. For more information about arming schedules, see Create/edit an arming schedules

Note: Although this feature is available to residential accounts, it is primarily used for commercial customers.

Smart Arming

Smart Arming provides users with the ability to automatically Arm Stay or Disarm their system daily activated by either a set time or day or when sensors detect activity. This option is designed to meet the needs of residential customers and focuses on a clear, simple user experience. For more information about Smart Arming, see Enable Smart Arming

Smart Arming vs. Arming Schedules 


Smart Arming

Arming Schedules

User Experience

Simple, user-friendly

More robust scheduling options

Target Audience



Sensor-Based Disarm


Not compatible 

Sensor-Based Arming

Compatible  Compatible 

Scheduled Arm/Disarm

Schedule for AM/PM

Schedule for AM/PM and by days of the week


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