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Manage Access Plans

Access Plans allow users to have access to specific doors at specific times. Access Plans can be managed using the app and customer website. For more information, see Add an Access Plan

Advanced filters can be used to locate a specific user or subset of users. For more information, see Search for users with filters.

Note: Changes to User Access will be sent to the system after 2 minutes of inactivity on the page.

Access Plans Updated.png

Note: To view a list of all Access Plans, click List using the customer website or tap Actions, then List Layout using the app.

Access Plan

An Access Plan consists of the following:


Select the times the users in the plan can be granted entry to an access control door.

Note: Timetables can contain a maximum of 12 time blocks.


Select which users will be allowed access to which access points and when.

Access Points

Select which doors will be part of the Access Plan. Panel, partition, and Z-Wave locks access can also be selected.

Note: Panel and Z-Wave lock access do not follow the timetable, and users will be able to use either 24/7.

Access Points.png

Each day can have the same timetable or a unique schedule. Begin creating timetables by selecting one day of the week – the Edit Time Block window will appear.  Choose the start and stop times, then schedules can be copied across other days using the Edit Time Block window if desired.

Note: Although you have the option of extending a timetable beyond a 24-hour period, it is a best practice to set the time block for the same day.

Managing holidays

Plans can also be paused on days when the business will not be open or employees do not need to access the business. 

  1. Navigate to the User Access page.
  2. Click Manage Holidays.
  3. Name the holiday, select its date from the calendar, then click Save.  
  4. Select which Access Plans you would like to pause on that date, then click Save.

Best practices

  • Identify Access Points and access credentials (badges or pin codes) before adding users and Access Plans to the account.
  • Quickly add new badges by scanning at a card reader using the app.
  • Focus each Access Plan on a common theme, such as employee type, door (access point), or schedule.
  • Each user must have the correct credential type for all Access Points in the plans they are added to. Before creating an Access Plan, verify that each user has the correct access credentials.

Add an Access Plan

Access Plans can be created from the User Access section of the app or customer website.

Search for users with filters

Filters can be used to search for a specific user or subset of users using the app or customer website.

The following advanced search filters are available to locate users:

  • Credentials
    • Search for users that have a badge, pin, or mobile credential.
    • Search by card credential number in the search bar to locate the card owner.
  • Contact Information
    • Search for users that have a mobile number or email address.
  • Access Periods
    • Search for users that have an expired credential or a future credential start date.
  • User Statuses
    • Search for users that are paused.
    • Search for users that use the extended unlock time feature.
    • Search for users that are Anti-Passback exempt.
    • Search for users that are a Mobile Credential user.
  • Access Points
    • Search for users that have access to the selected Access Point (i.e., Access Control door, panel partition, or Z-Wave lock).
  • User Groups
    • Search for users that are part of a specific User Group.
  • Access Plans
    • Search for users that are part of a specific Access Plan.
  • User Information
    • Search for users that have specific user information.

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