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Create an Arm Panel to Lock or Disarm to Unlock Access Control Doors rule

The Arm Panel to Lock Access Control Doors rule allows you to automatically lock selected Access Control doors when the panel is armed, saving time and providing peace of mind when closing the business each day.

It is recommended to have a double swipe to lock rule at every lock to ensure that the employee can still lock the doors locally if a controller is offline and the rule cannot run. For more information about creating these rules, see Create a Double Swipe to Lock/Unlock rule.

Important: The controller must be online for this rule to run.

To create an Arm Panel to Lock Access Control Doors rule using the customer website:

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Automation.
  3. Click Rules.
  4. Click Add New Rule.
  5. Click Event-triggered Rule.
  6. In the Name of rule field, enter the desired name for the rule.
  7. In Automate My, select Doors.
  8. In When this event occurs, select Arm/Disarm.
  9. Using the dropdown menu, select either Armed Away or Arm Stay.
  10. Using the next dropdown menu, select which door controller the rule should apply to.
  11. In Select Devices, select which doors this rule should apply to.
  12. In During these time frames, select when this rule should apply.
  13. Click Save.

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