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Create an Access Control holiday schedule

The Holiday Schedules feature allows users to pause specific Access Plans to prevent entry to users on selected dates.

Access Plans flagged as Active on the Manage Holidays page will continue to grant access to doors on the user-programmed holidays, but will suspend locking and unlocking schedules for the doors within the Access Plan on those days. Plans flagged as Paused will not grant access to doors on the user-programmed holidays. Users with plans featuring security panel or Z-Wave lock access set to be Paused on a holiday will still have access.

Note: Holiday Schedules will only pause rules that are limited to Access Control doors, including First Person In, First Card Unlock, and Double Swipe to Lock/Unlock, in addition to door locking schedules. Rules that interact with other devices, such as Swipe to Disarm, will remain active on holidays.

Create an Access Control holiday schedule

Access Control holiday schedules can be created using the app and customer website.

Note: For locations within an Enterprise group, holiday schedules can only be created at the single system level.

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