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Contact tracing with Smarter Access Control

Smarter Access Control can be used for efficient contract tracing. This enables businesses to reduce the potential spread of coronavirus and help employees return to the office confidently.

Expanded search and reporting parameters make it easy for business managers to identify any door, area, or floor accessed by an infected employee. Managers can easily search for and identify other individuals who may have come into contact or been exposed through proximity, ensuring proper notification and risk mitigation.

Add users

Access Control users can be added individually or in bulk by uploading a CSV file with appropriate column headers. For more information about adding users in bulk, see Add Access Control users in bulk.

User information

To help assist in more precisely identifying potential contact between employees, for Business customers can add detailed information to employee user profiles, such as job title, department, office location, desk number, and more.

User information can be added to users individually or through the bulk management tool, and any user information will be included in CSV exports of User Summary and Access History reports. For more information about user information, see Expanded Commercial User Profiles.

Generate an Access History report

The Access History Report can show all successful and failed access attempts. When you learn that someone has tested positive for COVID-19, you can use this report to determine who was potentially exposed, allowing you to notify those individuals or groups and mitigate further risk.

Contact trace using the Access History Report

The following example demonstrates how to contact trace using's Smarter Access Control solution.

Example: You receive an email from a member of the Sales team letting you know that they have tested positive for COVID-19 after experiencing some symptoms. Fortunately, you can use the Access History Report to see who may have been exposed while they were in the office.

On Wednesday at 11:37 AM, the sales representative returns to the office from lunch through the East Entrance. A technical writer arrives at the same time, but since her hands are full with a birthday cake, the sales rep holds the door open for her. They chat briefly before the technical writer enters the Break Room to set out the cake.

A few moments later, the sales rep arrives late to their meeting with the accountant in the Meeting Room

Access History Report for contact tracing.png

You can use this information to notify the technical writer and accountant that they may have been exposed to COVID-19 without needing to publicly identify any individuals.

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