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Export video using the ADC-CSVR2000P/2008P/2016P local interface

The ADC-CSVR2000P/2008P/2016P allows the user to export video clips using its local interface. For more information about using the local interface, see Play back video locally to a TV using an ADC-CSVR2000P/2008P/2016P.

To export video using the ADC-CSVR2000P/2008P/2016P's local interface:

  1. Verify a third-party storage device (e.g., flash drive or external hard drive) is inserted into the device.
    • The external drive must be in either NTFS or FAT32 format. Any size drive may be used. 
  2. Log into the device's local interface. 
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click the desired camera to add it to the screen.
  5. Click the desired camera's playback. A blue outline around the playback indicates it is selected.
  6. Click Export.
  7. Click one of the following export options:

Note: Exports can take a long time depending on the amount of footage selected and whether a timestamp is selected to be included.

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