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Play back video locally to a TV using an ADC-SVR122

The ADC-SVR122 has an HDMI port that allows it to play back live and recorded video, from the cameras associated with it, locally to a monitor or TV. The local interface allows users to control how the video plays back.

Note: Remote playback is possible using the customer website or app. For more information about remote SVR playback, see View continuously recorded video using Smart View.

Connect the ADC-SVR122

  1. Using an HDMI cable, connect the ADC-SVR122 to a television or computer monitor.
  2. Connect a computer mouse (wireless or wired) using the USB port on the ADC-SVR122.


View live and recorded video locally 

To view the ADC-SVR122 main menu, move the mouse around the screen. The following three icons appear for the main menu options.

General navigation and settings
Icon Description

Layouts and Rotation

Select different live view camera layout options and rotate camera feeds.



Watch recorded video and control play back speeds.



View a camera’s connection status, manage camera layout locations,
and edit rotation settings.

Click on any camera feed to access the following additional control options.

Individual camera navigation and settings
Icon Description
Digital zoom.png

Digital zoom

Zoom in on the video feed.

Play recording clips.png

Play recording clips

View the timeline for the selected camera at a specific point in the recent past.

Back to unselect camera.png

Back to unselect camera

Deselect the camera and go back to the general navigation and settings.

To change the layout of the cameras:
  1. Click layout.png.
  2. Click the desired layout. Available layouts include:
    • One feed
    • Four feeds
    • Nine feeds
    • One large feed and five smaller feeds


To start or stop feed rotation:
  1. Click layout.png.
  2. Click feedrotation.png.


To search for footage:
  1. Click search.png.
  2. In Camera list, select a camera.

  3. In Calendar, click to select a date.

  4. Use the playback tools to go forward or backward in the footage.



To remove the camera name overlay:

The ADC-SVR122 overlays the camera name on top of the video feed by default. The following steps remove the overlay for individual cameras and must be repeated for each camera.

Note: The integrated name and timestamp from the video device footage remain on the screen after the overlay is removed.

  1. Click the desired video feed. A white outline should appear around the frame.
  2. Right-click anywhere to open the secondary menu.

  3. Mouse over Camera information, then click to select Camera name. This toggles the video device name overlay on and off.



To see remaining or total storage capacity:
  1. Click settings.png.
  2. Remaining and Total storage amounts are displayed in Storage.


To edit camera position or order in rotation:
  1. Click settings.png.
  2. Click camera.png.
  3. Click Management.
  4. In Edit camera position, drag the cameras to the desired position.
  5. Click Apply.


To edit the duration between camera rotations:
  1. Click settings.png.
  2. Click camera.png.
  3. Click Management.
  4. In Duration of rotating LiveView pages, click the number field.
  5. Click the number input to enter a new duration.

  6. Click Apply.
To edit playback resolution:
  1. Click settings.png.
  2. Click display.png.
  3. Click Display.
  4. In Resolution, use the Output resolution dropdown menu to select the desired resolution. Available resolutions include:
    • 1080p
    • 720p


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