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Migrate a Works with Nest account to a Google account

In March 2020, all Nest users still using a Works with Nest account will receive a communication from Google advising them to migrate their Works with Nest account to a Google account. Below is some guidance for how to handle the migration process and re-link the new Google account to your subscriber account for continued use of the Nest Integration.

Note: Any questions or issues regarding the migration of a Nest account to a Google account should be directed to Google.

To migrate a Works with Nest account to a Google account:

Note: If you received an email from Google, you can open the email and click Switch to Google to begin the migration process and continue to step 5.

  1. Download the latest version of the Nest app.
  2. Log into the Nest app.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Migrate to a Google Account.
  5. Read the account migration benefits and details carefully.
  6. When ready to migrate, tap Continue with Google.
  7. Choose the Google Account you want to use.
    Note: You can create a new Google Account or tap Use another account if you have an existing account that’s not listed.
  8. Tap Allow to let the Nest app access specific data from your Google Account. Tap Google Info icon.png for more information on what will be shared.
    Note: If you have Works with Nest connections and/or the Google Home app, you may see additional steps to disconnect your Works with Nest connections and combine your homes into a unified Google Nest home before you migrate. You will not be able to use Works with Nest connections with a Google Account. Follow the instructions in the app.
  9. Before you migrate your Nest Account to a Google Account, read the Google Privacy Policy, this Privacy FAQs article, and Google's commitment to privacy in the home to understand how Google will handle your data if you migrate to a Google Account, review and confirm (or update) your Google Account settings, including your ad settings.
  10. Tap Continue.  
  11. Read and accept the Google Terms of Service as supplemented by the Nest Terms of Service, then tap Complete migration.
  12. If you are accepting an invitation to join a home as part of this migration, review how your access will change, then tap I agree.
  13. You will be prompted to select the emails you would like to receive, then tap Next.
  14. Tap Done.

Re-link your Google Account with  

During account migration, you will need to disconnect your connection since Google Accounts do not support Works with Nest connections. After your Nest account is migrated, you can relink your Nest device connections with

For information about this process, see Connect a Google Nest Thermostat to your account.

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