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Operate the Smart Thermostat

The Smart Thermostat (Smart Thermostat HD, ADC-T3000, ADC-T2000) can be operated locally in addition to the remote control features on the website and app.

To locally operate the Smart Thermostat HD: 


❶ Status LED

❷ Button


❸ Settings menu

❹ Current setpoint

Note: To change the setpoint, tap on the up or down arrow.


❺ Indoor temperature

❻ Current mode

Note: To change the mode, tap on the current mode icon.

To locally operate the ADC-T3000:

T3000 overview.png

Waking the device
  1. Press any button to wake the thermostat up.
    Note: The ADC-T3000 display cannot stay on permanently, but it can be configured to wake when motion is detected nearby. For more information about enabling motion-detected wake, contact your service provider.
  2. After waking, the display will show the current mode, room temperature, and setpoint.
Changing the mode and setpoint
  1. Press the Minus button.
  2. Select MODE.
    • The modes are HEAT, COOL, AUTO, EMER, and OFF.
    • The thermostat will only show the modes that are available based on the system configuration.
    • When in EMER mode, the thermostat will flash EMER when the display wakes up, and it will show HEAT at the top of the screen. Changing the mode will leave EMER mode.
  3. Select the desired mode.
  4. Once in the desired mode, press the Up and Down buttons to adjust the desired setpoint.
    • In AUTO mode when the system is idle, the screen will display AUTO. The thermostat will display HEATING when calling for heat and COOLING when calling for cool.
Changing the fan mode
  1. Press the Minus button.
  2. Select the FAN MODE option.
    • The fan modes are AUTO, ON, and CIRCULATE. The thermostat will only show the fan modes if it has been configured to control a fan.
    • AUTO mode will automatically turn the fan on when your system is either heating or cooling.
    • ON mode will turn the fan on indefinitely.
      Note: ON mode is only available under certain configurations. If this mode is desired but not available, contact your service provider for further assistance. 
    • CIRCULATE will turn the fan on for 15 minutes every hour by default. The duration for CIRCULATE can be configured from the online account.

To locally operate the ADC-T2000:


  1. Press any button to wake the thermostat up.
    Note: For help with configuring the thermostat display to always be on, contact your service provider.
  2. After waking, the display will show the current mode and room temperature.
  3. Press Up or Down once to display the current setpoint.
    • The mode icon HEAT or COOL will begin to pulse.
  4. Press Up or Down ​​​​again to adjust to the desired set point.
  5. Press Mode at any time to change the mode.
    • The modes are HEAT, COOL, AUTO, EMER, and OFF.
    • EMER mode is available for Heat Pump systems. Press and hold Mode while in Heat Mode to enter EMER.
    • When in EMER mode, the display will read EMER when the thermostat wakes up and the HEAT icon will be displayed. Changing the mode will leave EMER mode.
  • In AUTO, the brighter icon will indicate which setpoint is currently displayed and active HEAT or COOL.
  • After 5 seconds the display will return to the current room temperature. The mode icon will become solid to indicate this. If powered by the C wire, the thermostat display will remain lit. If the thermostat is running on battery power only, the display will turn off after 5 seconds to conserve energy. The thermostat will continue to operate while the display is off.

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