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Digital Document Storage on Mobile

Customers can store copies of important household documents such as appliance manuals, home inspection reports, insurance, and more. Customers can capture or upload photos or files so their documents are always on hand and create convenient custom expiration reminders.

Once added, documents can be swiftly accessed from the new Documents dashboard card on the app home screen. Additionally, Connected Car customers can store their vehicle-related documents alongside their important home documents. For more information about Digital Document Storage for Connected Car, see Digital Document Storage for Connected Car


  • app version of 5.5.0+
  • Master or Full Control permission is required to view and upload documents.
    Note: Logins with Read Only permission will be able to view documents, but not upload. Login with Access/Read Only will be unable to view any documents stored.
  • Individual files cannot exceed 30 MB in size. Each account has storage capacity of up to 1 GB.


  • Keep digital copies of documents important to your property in one place.
  • Quickly snap a photo of the document from the app or upload a photo from the phone's camera roll.
    Note: PDF and text file types can also be uploaded.
  • Access documents from the Documents card on the home screen of the app.
  • Use the upload document button for quick access to create or edit a document.
  • View the total number of stored documents and how many have expired.
  • Easily add descriptions, dates, and additional notes.
  • Schedule helpful expiration reminders.
    • Reminders can be scheduled to occur between 1 to 8 weeks before expiration or when attention is needed.
    • Expired document reminders appear on the Documents dashboard card and Documents feature screen.
    • After this initial notification, choose to receive a follow-up reminder, if desired.
      Note: Expiration reminders are optional. Customers can select None or Never for documents without expiration dates. Notifications must be enabled to receive reminders.

Additional information

  • The document storage feature is not meant to replace physical copies. Customers should check state and local laws to determine which documents to keep on hand at their home, business, and car.
  • Vehicle-related storage uses templates, so customers identify the type of document they are uploading (e.g., driver's license) before entering document details. There are no templates for non-vehicle Digital Document Storage. Customers can upload a photo or file of the document and fill out any other relevant fields. 

Manage Digital Document Storage

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