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Elevated Enterprise Groups on Mobile

Elevated Enterprise Groups are available using the app enabling customers to view organizational hierarchy, manage users, and have a unified platform for their multi-location business. This ensures access and location management are effectively and seamlessly managed in one place by a single person or group of administrators.

For more information about creating Enterprise Groups, see Create and manage Multi-Level Enterprise Groups.

To help with understanding this page, note the following terms:

  • Enterprise: The name and structure of the organization at its highest level
  • Subgroup: Middle layer of the organization that is frequently defined as a region. Groups similar locations into a single top-down manageable entity
  • Location: The individual location of the organization with a single identifiable address

How it works

Customers can assign a three-tiered organization on the customer website and view their Elevated Enterprise Groups on their mobile device. A new hierarchy of dropdown menus will appear on the app, which includes an overview of each subgroup and individual location. The mobile navigation menu will be manageable across large groups and display business status, alarm panels, and access points for each location. Now, customers will have a single unified platform, with the added convenience of mobile view.


  • See all Locations across all Subgroups displayed on a single page of the for Business platform
  • Display business status, alarm panels, and access points for each Location within each Subgroup
  • Create and manage Access Plans and assign as needed to the Parent Group, Subgroup(s), or Location(s)
  • Select and deploy User Access by Parent Group, Subgroup, Location, or device

To access Elevated Enterprise Groups using the app:

  1. Log into the app.
  2. Click Locations.
  3. Click Manage Groups.

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