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Create/edit Enterprise Notifications

Enterprise notifications allow recipients to receive notifications for all locations in an Enterprise group and can be managed using the customer website. 

To create/edit Enterprise notifications 

  1. Login to the customer website with an Enterprise group login.
  2. Verify the Enterprise name is selected, and not a location name. When the Enterprise group is selected, a Locations option shows in the menu instead of Home
    • If a location is selected, use the dropdown menu to select the Enterprise group. Enterprise groups have Group property next to the Enterprise name, whereas locations will have icn-enterprise-open.svg for commercial accounts or Single property for residential accounts next to the location name.
    • If the option to select an Enterprise group is not showing, verify the login has access to the Enterprise group.
  3. Click Notifications.
  4. Click Edit on the notification to edit.
    • If the notification is not created yet, click New Notification and then click to select the type of notification to create (e.g., Alarm, Arming Event, Arming Reminder, Sensor Activity, System Event, etc.).
  5. Configure the notification.
  6. Click Save.

Note: Once the notification is created at the enterprise level, all recipients on the notification will receive notifications from all locations in the group. If a recipient only wants notifications from one location in the group, the notification needs to be created at the single system level.

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