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Create an auto re-arming rule

Automated System Re-Arming is a commercial feature that lets you program your security system to automatically switch to an armed state if specific criteria are met. The criteria include the current time of day, day of the week, and how long it has been since the system last detected activity at the location. 

This feature is valuable at locations where multiple users are authorized to enter the location and disarm the system, but the system is not to remain disarmed for an extended period of time.

To create an Auto Re-Arming rule:

Rules can only be created and updated using the customer website.

Note: If an Auto Re-Arming schedule needs to be adjusted, click Delete for the current schedule that needs adjustments, and then create a new Auto Re-Arming Schedule with the adjustment.

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Automation.
  3. Click Auto Re-Arming.
    Note: If business hours are set up, you can choose to Use business hours in Choose Schedule Type to auto re-arm the system after a specified timeframe of inactivity outside of business operating hours. 
  4. In Create Auto Re-Arming Schedule, use the dropdown menus to select the automated system action and the desired duration of inactivity. 
  5. If business hours are not used for the Auto Re-Arming schedule, use the dropdown menus to select what days and hours of the day the re-arming schedule is active.
  6. Verify the Auto Re-Arming schedule is configured as desired. 
  7. Click Save.

Frequently asked questions

Can Auto Re-Arming be used with a partitioned system?

Yes. Auto Re-Arming supports partitioned systems. You can choose to automatically re-arm an individual partition or all partitions when creating an Auto Re-Arming schedule.

What is considered as no system activity?

Auto Re-Arming takes into consideration every security sensor on the system when it is looking for no activity on the system. The system looks for no activity on all the sensors before auto re-arming the partition.

Only security sensors affect auto re-arming system activity. Activity on other types of equipment (e.g., Z-Wave lights turning on/off, door locks locking/unlocking, etc.) are not considered as system activity for Auto Re-Arming. 

Can more than one Auto Re-Arming schedule be set up?

Yes. Multiple Auto Re-Arming schedules can be set up for various times throughout the day.

Note: Schedules can also be set up to start in the evening and end in the morning of the following day.

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