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Commercial report does not have a PDF attachment

Commercial reports can be viewed as a web version using a browser or as a downloadable PDF file. However, as of October 13, 2022, reports that were not created or modified since June 22, 2020 have had their PDF email attachments removed.

If a customer is no longer receiving a PDF attachment with their report and they want to be receiving the PDF, they can edit the report and reattach the PDF using the customer website or app.

To attach a PDF

Frequently asked questions

What reports will be impacted by this change?

All reports with a PDF attachment that were created prior to June 22, 2020 and have not been modified since that date will be impacted by this change.

What reports will not be impacted by this change?

The following reports will not be impacted by this change:

  • Reports that were created after June 22, 2020
  • Reports that were created before June 22, 2020 that were modified at some point after June 22, 2020
Can a customer still get the PDF file for a report that has been affected by this change?

Yes. The report email will contain a link that the customer can click to download a copy of the PDF file.

What if a customer wants to continue to receive the PDF file after we make this change?

The customer can edit the report using the customer website or app and select Attach PDF. The next time the report email is sent it will contain the PDF attachment. For more information, see To attach a PDF.

Is there a way for a customer to prevent this change from being applied to an existing report?

Yes. If the customer edits and re-saves the report through the customer website or app prior to October 30, 2022, then this change will not affect the modified report. The report email will continue to include the PDF attachment as it always has.

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