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How can I have my panel arm when I scan my Access Control keycard?

An Access Control panel can be set up to arm upon a double card swipe using the customer website. 

Important: The option to arm the panel upon a successful double card swipe is only available to panels using an LTE or Dual-Path module.

To add a rule to arm a security panel upon double card swipes:

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Automation.
  3. Click Rules.
  4. Click Add New Rule.
  5. In the Name of rule field, enter the desired name for the rule.
  6. In Automate my, select Security System.
  7. In When this event occurs, select Access Control Door.
  8. Using the first dropdown menu, select which reader triggers the rule.
  9. Using the second dropdown menu, select is accessed by a valid credential with a double card swipe.
  10. Using the third dropdown menu, select Employee or Manager.
  11. Using the Perform this action dropdown menu, select whether the rule is going to trigger the system to Arm Stay, Arm Away, or Disarm
    • When choosing to Arm Away or Arm Stay, select No entry delay if desired.
  12. In Select Devices, click to select the partitions that are armed when the rule is triggered.
  13. In During these time frames, select the desired time frames for the rule.
  14. Click Save.

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