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Can an Access Control user have a PIN code longer than four digits?

Yes. Access Control users with a security panel installed on their account can have a PIN code of four to 12 digits if an Access Control keypad is present on the system.

How Access Control PIN codes work with a security panel

If a user with a PIN code is granted both Access Control permissions and Security Panel Access, and their code is more than four digits in length, only the first four digits of their Access Control PIN code would be used for the security system.

Example: If a user has a PIN code of 123456 for Access Control, their code for the security panel would be 1234.

Assign PIN.PNG


If 1234 is already assigned to a security panel user, 123456 cannot be used for an Access Control user. Additionally, if 123456 is already being used by an Access Control user, another Access Control user may not use 123457 or any other combination with the first four digits of 1234.

Remove credential.PNG

For instructions about how to assign a user a PIN code, see Assign an Access Control card to a user.

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