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Access Control System Overview

Smarter Access Control is a powerful, cloud-based access solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses can now take advantage of powerful user management software, remote door control, and scan-to-add card serial detection all from the user-friendly customer website and app.

Smarter Access Control can be installed as a stand-alone system or as an integrated solution with other intrusion and video offerings. With easy-to-create access plans and simple user management, you can automate your system using rules to reduce hassle and set up notifications so you always know who comes in and when. 

System Overview

The most commonly used Access Control features are available on the Home page and User Access tab of the customer website and app.

Home page

The Home page provides quick access to real-time door control, Scenes, and account activity.

Home page (Customer Site).png

Real-time door control allows you to lock, unlock, and temporarily buzz open doors. Navigate to the Access Points (called Doors in stand-alone Access Control systems) card on the home screen to control your doors.

Select a door.png View current status.png
User Access tab

The User Access tab is where the configuration of the system takes place. Sub-tabs are available for Access Plans, Users, Access Points, and Manage Logins.

User Access tab (Customer site).png

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